A sandwich for Beegu!

Wow! We had an amazing day on Friday!

As part of our DT topic, we have been learning how to make sandwiches. We designed our own sandwiches and even wrote our own shopping lists on what ingredients we would need to buy. We have also been learning all about money this week in maths, so brought in 50p to help buy the things we needed!

Then we went on a little trip to our local Aldi store to buy our ingredients. we carefully hunted round the store to get all of the things we needed. Then we were able to scan our own shopping through the tills! This was the best bit!

We brought our ingredients back to school and made our sandwiches that we had designed! We then had a teddy bears picnic with our own teddy bears from home, that we brought into school to meet Beegu!

Beegu sent us some messages throughout the day, but there was a lot of noise coming from our classroom, so she decided not to join us. So..we all left her a little bit of our sandwiches for her to try!

There was a loud knock at our classroom door so we went to investigate…. we found such a mess outside..Beegu had been to sample the sandwiches and left food and glitter everywhere!

Some amazing news.. for the first time in YEAR 1 ..we won the class attendance award with 99.2% ..and also won class points with a grand total of 83 points! Well done Y1D! Super stars!! Let’s hope we can win again next week!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Davies


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