What has happened at Wood Fold?!

We started our term off with a really exciting event!

On Monday morning, Year 1 had a special message about some unusual activity that the school CCTV had picked up on. We watched the footage…and then went down to the Dragon’s Den to investigate..

When we went down to the Dragon’s Den we came across a crashed spaceship!

We used the clues that we found to try and piece together what had happened!

We found -

  • a broken spaceship
  • moon rock
  • smashed rocket boosters
  • broken launch buttonsĀ  and lots more items!
we came inside and discussed our findings. We looked closely at the objects we had found and thought about who might have been in the spaceship! We also talked about how and why the spaceship might have crashed!
(Photos of the ‘WOW Day’ are at the bottom of this post!)

In Maths, we have been counting in Multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and solving some really tricky problems.

In DT we did some sandwich tasting. We talked about or favourite sandwiches and the ones that we do and do not like.

Our attendance this week was 96% let’s see if we can make this better next week!

Well done to the certificate winners!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Davies :)

IMG_6646 IMG_6647 - Copy IMG_6648 - Copy IMG_6649 - Copy IMG_6650 - Copy IMG_6653 IMG_6654 - Copy IMG_6655 - Copy IMG_6656 IMG_6693

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