Week 5

This week we have been very busy!

Maths- we have been learning what the signs + – and = mean. Then we looked at using the signs in number sentences, e.g. 5 + 4=    and 10 – 8 = then we looked at some tricky numbers looking at teen numbers e.g. 13 + 3 =   and 19 – 6 = . Then some of us started to look at word problems.

English- we have looked more at our class text, ‘The Bog Baby’. Then we retold the story orally and created a story map! Then we looked at how the girls felt when they had to let the bog baby go. As part of our learning, we also looked at time adverbials. We learnt what a time adverbial is and what it does to our writing. We then added time adverbials to our story maps. We then went on to create sentences that used time adverbials!

Science- we created a fact file using scientific vocabulary about an animal of our choice!

Art- we looked at Austin’s Butterfly to remind us of the importance of creating another draft and created a final line drawing. We were amazed with our creations!

Reading- we have continued to read our class book ‘Whatever Next!’ and looked at how Baby Bear went on the journey to the Moon!

PE- we developed our under arm throw and catch!

Attendance this week was 97.6% Well done guys!


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