We have had such an exciting week!

On Monday morning, we all got to decorate a cupcake with various toppings and then we wrote about how we did it.

On Tuesday we had a special delivery – it was an egg inside a bowl of special red water, alongside this was a note asking us to look after it until it’s Mummy could return – we had no idea what was inside.  We all had a guess as to what would be inside the egg and waited with baited breath for it to hatch!


Wednesday morning – oh no!  The egg had hatched but nothing was inside the bowl!  What could this mean?  Is it an invisible animal?  Is it hiding from us??  We spent all morning pondering this.  Then a letter arrived – it was from the creature that had hatched, asking for our help.  It had hatched through the night, got scared and escaped.  We decided to search our school grounds for anything suspicious.  No luck!  Then we ventured into our Forest School, lo and behold, hidden amongst the trees was … a frozen unicorn!   We helped it back to school, placed it gently back inside it’s special red water and anticipated Mummy’s return.


Thursday morning … our unicorn has gone, safely back with it’s family – a job well done Reception!!

We loved our sports day – we are all extremely proud of ourselves and all that we achieved.    Mrs Farrington and Miss Hilliard agree that we were exceptional and are super proud of each and every one of us!!


Friday we have written about our exciting week and sad goodbye to a very special friend …Miss Warren!  We can’t wait for her to visit us with her little baby very soon, but now she needs to rest and enjoy the lovely sunshine!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Farrington & Miss Hilliard :-)





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