A sandwich for Beegu!

Wow! We had an amazing day on Friday!

As part of our DT topic, we have been learning how to make sandwiches. We designed our own sandwiches and even wrote our own shopping lists on what ingredients we would need to buy. We have also been learning all about money this week in maths, so brought in 50p to help buy the things we needed!

Then we went on a little trip to our local Aldi store to buy our ingredients. we carefully hunted round the store to get all of the things we needed. Then we were able to scan our own shopping through the tills! This was the best bit!

We brought our ingredients back to school and made our sandwiches that we had designed! We then had a teddy bears picnic with our own teddy bears from home, that we brought into school to meet Beegu!

Beegu sent us some messages throughout the day, but there was a lot of noise coming from our classroom, so she decided not to join us. So..we all left her a little bit of our sandwiches for her to try!

There was a loud knock at our classroom door so we went to investigate…. we found such a mess outside..Beegu had been to sample the sandwiches and left food and glitter everywhere!

Some amazing news.. for the first time in YEAR 1 ..we won the class attendance award with 99.2% ..and also won class points with a grand total of 83 points! Well done Y1D! Super stars!! Let’s hope we can win again next week!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Davies


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sounds of the city!

This week we have had another busy week in Year 1.

In English, we listened to the sounds of the city and tried to spot what we could hear! We then looked at how Beegu was feeling as she walked through the city!

In Maths, we looked at measurement and looked at how to solve problems!

In Science- we have started to investigate which material is the best to use to design a coat for Beegu.

This weeks attendance was 94 8% this week :( But we did win the class points! So we can have an extra treat next week! Well done everyone!

Have a great weekend! Have fun whatever your doing!

Miss Davies :)


Rock Star Friday!

What a great effort made by all..you looked like real Rock Stars!

We have had an super day filled with lots of fun times table lessons!

We spent time with different KS1 teachers and have been counting in multiples of 2,5 and 10 – in lots of different, fun ways!

This week, we have been learning about halves and quarters.

We now know that 2 halves make a whole and that 4 halves make a whole too!

In English, we have read  more of our story and we have thought carefully about what Beegu might be saying to the rabbits, in her own language!

In DT we designed our own sandwiches for Beegu, we chose our favourite sandwich filling!

Another fantastic week!

Remember to read 3 times or more to get your certificate for the reading challenge!

Attendance this week was 96.4%

Have a great weekend!

Miss Davies :)



What has happened at Wood Fold?!

We started our term off with a really exciting event!

On Monday morning, Year 1 had a special message about some unusual activity that the school CCTV had picked up on. We watched the footage…and then went down to the Dragon’s Den to investigate..

When we went down to the Dragon’s Den we came across a crashed spaceship!

We used the clues that we found to try and piece together what had happened!

We found -

  • a broken spaceship
  • moon rock
  • smashed rocket boosters
  • broken launch buttons  and lots more items!
we came inside and discussed our findings. We looked closely at the objects we had found and thought about who might have been in the spaceship! We also talked about how and why the spaceship might have crashed!
(Photos of the ‘WOW Day’ are at the bottom of this post!)

In Maths, we have been counting in Multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and solving some really tricky problems.

In DT we did some sandwich tasting. We talked about or favourite sandwiches and the ones that we do and do not like.

Our attendance this week was 96% let’s see if we can make this better next week!

Well done to the certificate winners!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Davies :)

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Week 7

During the last week of term, we looked at:-

Maths- 2D shape, we looked at the shape names and some of their properties.

English- we completed our book ‘The Bog Baby’ and sent him back home to live in Bluebell Wood!

Science/ Reflection Task- we designed our own animal. We thought about what features we might include from other animals that we have learnt about, then decided if our animal was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore!

Computing- we used the note books to create our own book about the Bog Baby!

Forest Schools- we went down to the Dragon’s Den to collect some elder. We then used a dowel to remove the middle of the piece of elder. We did this because it will make a snug place for a bug to stay! We then tied our pieces of elder together with our group to make a bug hotel. We then added our bug hotels to the school railings. -Photos to follow soon!

Our attendance this week was 98.6%

Have an amazing half term! See you next week!

Miss Davies :)

Week 6

Hi Everyone!

Well this week in..

English- we have been completing our retell about the story!

Maths- we have been looking at our number bonds to 5, 10 and 20! We then looked at subtraction facts to 20. Then we used looked at solving problems!

Science-  we learnt about the parts of the human body and the senses! We even went on a senses walk around school! Did you like this? Which bit did you like best?

PE- we looked at throwing and catching. Then worked with a partner to see who could catch the most!

Attendance this week was 98% Wow keep this up!!! This is amazing!

Have an amazing weekend!

Miss Davies

Week 5

This week we have been very busy!

Maths- we have been learning what the signs + – and = mean. Then we looked at using the signs in number sentences, e.g. 5 + 4=    and 10 – 8 = then we looked at some tricky numbers looking at teen numbers e.g. 13 + 3 =   and 19 – 6 = . Then some of us started to look at word problems.

English- we have looked more at our class text, ‘The Bog Baby’. Then we retold the story orally and created a story map! Then we looked at how the girls felt when they had to let the bog baby go. As part of our learning, we also looked at time adverbials. We learnt what a time adverbial is and what it does to our writing. We then added time adverbials to our story maps. We then went on to create sentences that used time adverbials!

Science- we created a fact file using scientific vocabulary about an animal of our choice!

Art- we looked at Austin’s Butterfly to remind us of the importance of creating another draft and created a final line drawing. We were amazed with our creations!

Reading- we have continued to read our class book ‘Whatever Next!’ and looked at how Baby Bear went on the journey to the Moon!

PE- we developed our under arm throw and catch!

Attendance this week was 97.6% Well done guys!


Week 4

A super busy week this week!

English- we have been learning more about the characters from the story! We have also been developing our inference skills

Maths- this week we have been looking at ‘Measures’ which involved learning about the terms ‘longest, longer, heaviest, heavier, lightest, light, tall and taller’. We also did lots of practical ordering with children in our class! We looked at who was the tallest, who was the shortest. Then we selected objects to order!

Science- we learnt about the terms ‘Carnivore , Herbivore, and Omnivore’ then we sorted animals into the correct groups!

Art- we created another draft and added lines and dots to represent texture and pattern!

Attendance this week was 96.6%

Week 3


we’ve had another exciting week in Year 1

English- we created our very own fact files about the Bog Baby!

Maths- we looked at counting in 2′s, 5′s and 10′s.

Science- we grouped animals together.

Art- we watched Austin’s Butterfly and learnt that we can always make improvements to our work. We then sketched our own animals and made 2 drafts! We discussed how we could make improvements with our talk partner and applied them to our drawings.

PE- we have been developing our underarm throw and learning the Spiderman technique!

Attendance this week was 97.5%