Week 6

Hi Everyone!

Well this week in..

English- we have been completing our retell about the story!

Maths- we have been looking at our number bonds to 5, 10 and 20! We then looked at subtraction facts to 20. Then we used looked at solving problems!

Science-  we learnt about the parts of the human body and the senses! We even went on a senses walk around school! Did you like this? Which bit did you like best?

PE- we looked at throwing and catching. Then worked with a partner to see who could catch the most!

Attendance this week was 98% Wow keep this up!!! This is amazing!

Have an amazing weekend!

Miss Davies

Week 5

This week we have been very busy!

Maths- we have been learning what the signs + – and = mean. Then we looked at using the signs in number sentences, e.g. 5 + 4=    and 10 – 8 = then we looked at some tricky numbers looking at teen numbers e.g. 13 + 3 =   and 19 – 6 = . Then some of us started to look at word problems.

English- we have looked more at our class text, ‘The Bog Baby’. Then we retold the story orally and created a story map! Then we looked at how the girls felt when they had to let the bog baby go. As part of our learning, we also looked at time adverbials. We learnt what a time adverbial is and what it does to our writing. We then added time adverbials to our story maps. We then went on to create sentences that used time adverbials!

Science- we created a fact file using scientific vocabulary about an animal of our choice!

Art- we looked at Austin’s Butterfly to remind us of the importance of creating another draft and created a final line drawing. We were amazed with our creations!

Reading- we have continued to read our class book ‘Whatever Next!’ and looked at how Baby Bear went on the journey to the Moon!

PE- we developed our under arm throw and catch!

Attendance this week was 97.6% Well done guys!


Week 4

A super busy week this week!

English- we have been learning more about the characters from the story! We have also been developing our inference skills

Maths- this week we have been looking at ‘Measures’ which involved learning about the terms ‘longest, longer, heaviest, heavier, lightest, light, tall and taller’. We also did lots of practical ordering with children in our class! We looked at who was the tallest, who was the shortest. Then we selected objects to order!

Science- we learnt about the terms ‘Carnivore , Herbivore, and Omnivore’ then we sorted animals into the correct groups!

Art- we created another draft and added lines and dots to represent texture and pattern!

Attendance this week was 96.6%

Week 3


we’ve had another exciting week in Year 1

English- we created our very own fact files about the Bog Baby!

Maths- we looked at counting in 2′s, 5′s and 10′s.

Science- we grouped animals together.

Art- we watched Austin’s Butterfly and learnt that we can always make improvements to our work. We then sketched our own animals and made 2 drafts! We discussed how we could make improvements with our talk partner and applied them to our drawings.

PE- we have been developing our underarm throw and learning the Spiderman technique!

Attendance this week was 97.5%

Week 2

We had a fab time in Year 1 last week.

Maths- we looked at counting forwards and backwards to 100.

English- we used adjectives to describe the Bog Baby, we looked at and identified the key facts from the book and we started to make inferences about the Bog Baby!

Science- we looked at mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish and sorted animals into their groups.

Art- we discovered the artist Pablo Picasso and looked at some of the line drawings he had created of some animals.

Reading- during our in class reading sessions, we continued with our class text ‘Whatever Next!’

Attendance this week was 89.6%

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school!

We have had an amazing first week back in Year 1!

This week we have done lots of exciting things!

First we went on an a little adventure and followed clues to find a little blue creature!

Then we learnt in English that the little creature was in fact…..a Bog Baby!

We looked at our class book and learnt about our author in the spotlight!


After that, we did some counting in Maths. We looked at counting to 20, counting back from 20. Then we moved on to counting to 50, then counting back from 50…some of us managed to count to 100 and back from 100!

We have also done some Science, Handwriting, Reading and Singing this week!

Wow..what a busy first week it has been!

Looking forward to next week!

Miss Davies :)


Another exciting week in Reception!

We arrived to school on Monday, where a suspicious box had been left with a letter.  It informed us it was a “describing box” .  Mrs Farrington looked inside and she described two of the objects in it.  We then had to guess what they were – there were some very funny ideas!!  We wrote the question “What is in the box?  and then wrote some description and what our guess was.


On Tuesday we did the same again, Mrs Farrington had a sneaky look inside the box and described two more objects – again, we had to guess what they were and write our thoughts down.


Thursday was the big reveal  …



It was the seaside in a box!!

We all wrote a fantastic story When I went the beach.”  We used all the amazing descriptions we had about the objects to help us with our writing.

Our Teacher’s were super impressed!!


Well Done Star of the Week MMc

We have had such an exciting week!

On Monday morning, we all got to decorate a cupcake with various toppings and then we wrote about how we did it.

On Tuesday we had a special delivery – it was an egg inside a bowl of special red water, alongside this was a note asking us to look after it until it’s Mummy could return – we had no idea what was inside.  We all had a guess as to what would be inside the egg and waited with baited breath for it to hatch!


Wednesday morning – oh no!  The egg had hatched but nothing was inside the bowl!  What could this mean?  Is it an invisible animal?  Is it hiding from us??  We spent all morning pondering this.  Then a letter arrived – it was from the creature that had hatched, asking for our help.  It had hatched through the night, got scared and escaped.  We decided to search our school grounds for anything suspicious.  No luck!  Then we ventured into our Forest School, lo and behold, hidden amongst the trees was … a frozen unicorn!   We helped it back to school, placed it gently back inside it’s special red water and anticipated Mummy’s return.


Thursday morning … our unicorn has gone, safely back with it’s family – a job well done Reception!!

We loved our sports day – we are all extremely proud of ourselves and all that we achieved.    Mrs Farrington and Miss Hilliard agree that we were exceptional and are super proud of each and every one of us!!


Friday we have written about our exciting week and sad goodbye to a very special friend …Miss Warren!  We can’t wait for her to visit us with her little baby very soon, but now she needs to rest and enjoy the lovely sunshine!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Farrington & Miss Hilliard :-)





What a Performance!

Well Done to every child in KS! and Reception for a fantastic fun Father’s Day Assembly – you were all amazing!!


Star of the Week – Well Done KW for writing super sentences independently!!   I hope Gimel has had a fun weekend with you :-)